Walking Shoes Reviews

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 Walking Shoes Reviews

Walking Shoes ReviewsWhat Are Walking Shoes



When you first look at walking shoes, you might think they are just like running shoes. But when you look closer you can see they are really different.

The difference lies in the way running and walking place different demands on your feet and the footwear you choose to use.

These demands call for design and styling characteristics that are very different for walking than for running.  The reason for this is that the body mechanics involved in each activity call for specific and different body motion and muscle activity.


When you walk, you distribute your body weight more evenly than when you run. Your walking motion and weight make you roll your foot from the heal, through the ball right to your toes.  This motion repeats one foot motion after another.

This rocking movement means that your feet absorb the shock of only one to two times your body weight with each step. Also, there is a point in the walking motion where you have both feet firmly planted on the ground, splitting the weight load of your body.

RunningRunning Shoes on Walking Shoes reviews

Running  is very different.  It calls for the support of at least two to three times your body weight and neither of your feet are firmly planted on the ground at the same time. With running your heel, and more specifically your outer heel, absorbs the impact of your weight before distributing it through your foot in an  S motion through the toe.

This difference in motion and impact distribution between walking and running calls for a different design and manufacture of the shoe needed for each activity.

Walking Shoes

Walking shoes are designed specifically for handling the body mechanics of walking; dealing with the motion and strike path that your foot moves through in the natural motion of moving heal to toe.  This means that walking shoes have to be more flexible from the ball of the foot to give you more range of motion for the roll to the forefoot.

Running shoes  have more support and cushioning in the heel where the heavy impact occurs and have less protection through the ball of the foot.  Running shoes are also designed with more mesh to release the heat generated from the running motion.

How to Pick Walking Shoes

Picking a pair of walking shoes is important so that you avoid any form of discomfort and any potential injury. Your walking shoes should be comfortable and feel right.  When you are looking for a pair of shoes you should wear a pair of running socks.

Know you foot profile. You can find out what it is by wetting your foot and stepping on a piece of paper. If you don’t have much of a footprint, you have a high arch.

If you have a wide print, that means you have a flat foot.

High arches mean you need support to avoid the stress of the shock absorption in the walking motion.  You need walking shoes with arch support and cushioning to take care of the problem.

With flat feet you also need support to absorb the motion impact that could lead to muscle stress and joint pain in your feet and knees.

How Long Do Walking Shoes Last

You have to make sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable at all times.

So how do you know if your shoes are worn out?

If you can see through the outer sole to the mid sole,it is time to get new shoes.

If you feel the support is not there when you are walking, then you should replace your shoes.

You should get about 300-500 miles of walking out of a pair of walking shoes. You can keep track by using a log book if you do regular walking.

Enjoy Walking

Walking in all its forms is a great way to maintain fitness while enjoying the activity at the same time.  The comfort of your feet are essential to the positive experience.  So take the time to learn what to look for and make the right selection.

Walking Shoes Reviews is dedicated to getting you the information to make an informed decision about the right walking shoes for you.

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