Walking Shoes for Women

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Walking Shoes for Women

What To Look For In Walking Shoes for Women

Keen Coronado Mary Jane Shoe

Keen Coronado Mary Jane

Is there a difference between walking shoes for women and walking shoes for men?

There is in terms of styling and design as you would expect but in terms of foot comfort and pronation, the needs and requirements for shoe comfort are similar for all types of walkers.

But there are certain things that women are more sensitive about and are important in selecting a good walking shoe.

For example Emma from Redmond Washington says the following is important to her:

1. Fashiion/Style – Some shoes are styled in mesh and composite material that give them the “gym” look. Others are manufactured in leather and look more “stylish”. They go well with a traveling wardrobe. So a leather shoe in darker colors and not the typical white color of the athletic shoe is preferred.

2. Support- Heel and arch support are important. An added feature is to have a removable insole so that you can insert specialty soles for customized support to fit your foot.

3. Durability – Shoes have to wear in all types of conditions and weather, especially when on foreign trips where extended walking is a given. So quality design and construction are a must.

A good walking shoe should be able to return 600 miles of good walking comfort and support.

Laurel from Portland,Oregon has the following advice:

4. Sole support – The sole needs to provide support and be slip resistant. Walking or running on a slippery train platform or cobble stone street can be hazardous so you want to make sure your sole has all the support and grip you need.

Interchangeable insoles are a great way to ensure you have all the sole support you need across all your walking shoes.

Cynthia from Chicago offers this tip:

5. Liner Socks – Sock selection is very important in avoiding moisture build up and blisters. Liner socks wick perspiration away from your feet, and any friction is between the liner sock and outer sock. Thus, the two causes of blisters are eliminated, and the result is no blisters ever.

This means you need two pairs of socks for full comfort and protection. Balega socks are a great outer sock choice according to Martha from Portland Oregon.

These are some of the features of a walking shoe that walking shoes for women have to provide.

As you research the right walking shoes for your next trip or walking experience these are the important points to cover.

That will mean you will enjoy your walking experience whether out for an enjoyable time in the neighborhood or on a extended vacation abroad.


Happy walking.