Walking Shoes For Men – How To Choose Your Walking Shoe

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How To Choose Walking Shoes For Men

What To Look For In Walking Shoes For Men

Walking Shoes For Men

Walking Shoes For Men

If you are a male and are looking for shoes that are designed for walking, then here are some tips on what you should be considering as you make your way in your research.

First let’s start with the some general considerations.

The Fit

First and foremost is the fit. It’s sounds like common sense but it is not unusual for men to overlook this. The fit counts more than anything else.

So when you try on whatever shoe, just make sure they fit to your satisfaction. There is no such thing as a breaking in period. Either the fit feels good or it does not.

Remember that your foot swells as you walk and exercise, so you might want to do some walking and foot exercise to make sure you have your foot to walking “size” if you are going to a store to do some testing.

My running/walking store lets you try your shoes on and run in them on the sidewalk to give you a better feel for the fit.

Over time you will learn what to look for in a walking shoe but starting out, you may want to do some afternoon testing when you foot has had the day to swell and sweat.

Does The Walking Shoe Breathe?

You have 250,000 sweat glands in your feet so you want a walking shoe that breathes and lets the moisture wick out.

Different shoe styles have mesh or gore tex that allow breathing. Weather also is a factor. How weather walking calls for different material design than cold weather walking. Cold weather calls for less breathability.

Figure out the predominant conditions where you will be doing your walking and then make your decision.

Walking Shoe Style

Some shoes are dress style and some are sports style. You may want both. One dress style shoe for everyday use and a sports style shoe for exercise or power walking.

Shoe Comfort

This is a critical part of the process. You want to make sure there are no seams. bumps or any form of discomfort or friction whatsoever. It all has to feel perfect from the outset.

A mistake a lot of men make is try a walking shoe size that matches their dress shoe size. You want to go at least a half size if not a full size about your dress shoe size when selecting a walking shoe.

This allows for the foot swelling that occurs during walking and makes for a comfortable fit.

Shoe Features

There are certain features to look for that are unique to the walking shoe.

• You need a low, undercut supportive heel. This allows for the smooth roll of the walking motion.

• You need a flexible shoe especially in the heel and the toe of the shoe. You should be able to twist and bend the shoe easily.

• You need a light and breathable shoe, not a heavy leather product.

• You need a perfect fit at the outset as mentioned earlier. Shop at the end of the day and do an indoor try out so that if you have to do an exchange, there is no wear and tear from outdoor use.


Walking shoes for men are different in style and design than for women and there are some basic points you want to cover as you make your decision about what to get.

If you follow some of the steps outlined in this article you should be able to make an informed decision about the shoe that is best for you.

So do your research and then go out and enjoy your walking experience.


Here is a walking shoe I am currently using and I really recommend them.

The New Balance MW 850 SB Walking Shoe




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