Walking Exercise : Learn What Short Strides On Turns Tell You

by on September 29, 2011  •  In Benefits of Walking
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Walking Exercise : What Short Strides Tell You

Shortened Stride On Turns or When Maneuvering Around Things

What That Tells You About Your Physical Condition 

Your Balance

Your Balance is a function of coordination between three systems: your vision, your inner ear, and your” proprioception” which is the joints’ ability to tell you their position.

Your Joint Receptors

Your  joints have receptors in the connective tissue around them.

The quality of the receptors is related to how much motion your joint experiences.

Experts say “It’s the old use-it-or-lose-it,”

When you’re active, you develop more receptors in the connective tissue, so your proprioception[/easyazon-link] is better than that of someone who is sedentary and does not move or walk enough.

So the more you walk the  better your balance.

Your Balance And Your Health

No surprise that someone with balance problems is often frail or in poor physical condition.

They often have trouble balancing, have a shorter stride, and that short stride is especially noticeable on turns or when  maneuvering around objects.

They also have trouble going up steps, which requires balancing on one foot for a longer amount of time.

That doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t use walkers or canes if needed.

Walking Plan – Take Action

Do anything you can to stay active and get walking exercise.It will all do well for your overall condition and well being.

Another way to remedy balance problems is to reduce alcohol consumption and look for vitamin deficiencies.

These are some simple ways to improve your balance and keep walking for good health




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