Foot Drop or Drop Foot

by on September 6, 2011  •  In Benefits of Walking
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Foot Drop or Drop Foot


If you hear a foot slap as it lands, there could be some important reason for the problem: a herniated disk in the spine or even a sign of a possible stroke.

The condition called “foot drop” or “drop foot” occurs when the foot slaps the ground as it moves through the walking motion. Only it doesn’t roll but literally slaps down on the ground.

A podiatrist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Jane E. Andersen explains that the slap is caused when weakness of the anterior tibial muscle or peroneal muscles.

Dr. Andersen is the past president of the American Association for Women Podiatrists.

With a healthy stride you heel making contact first as the foot slowly lowers and rolls to the ground. It then starts to lift from the toe and rolls back to your heel.

If you have weakness in the anterior tibial or peroneal muscles, you lose control and the foot slaps the ground instead of rolling through the heel.

This could be a sign of nerve compression or even sign of a stroke according to Dr, Andersen.

A ruptured disk in the back is one common cause since it compresses a nerve that travels down the leg.

So if you have ” foot drop” or “drop foot” you may want to check with your doctor or a podiatrist to see what may be the cause.

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