Brooks Addiction Walker

by on August 3, 2011  •  In Brooks Walking Shoes Reviews
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Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker is a great option for style and comfort with the casual dress look. This shoe is fine out on the walking trail or at work or casual social events.

The new Addiction™ Walker has the latest features and technology for your foot comfort. Among them are durable, energy-returning MoGo midsole cushioning, a more supple full-grain leather upper, strong support, and reliable slip-resistant outsole. This shoe will give you sturdy support mile after mile by supporting low arches and keeping over pronation under control.

The men’s Brooks Addiction Walker comes in white, black and brown.

The women’s Brooks Addiction Walker also comes in white, black and bone.

In addition to the tie Addiction Walker , you have the option of the V Straped models for both men and women. They come in black and white.

Pricing for the men’s models is $99.95 though you should check for discounts periodically.

Pricing for the women’s models ranges from $84.00 to $99.00 on select models.

 Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a good indicator and for the men’s model on Amazon you’ll find 70 reviews. 55 are five star, 12 are four star, 2 three star and 1 two star. So the overwhelming feedback is positive.

Here is a men’s sampling:

Dan from Boston says “. I’ve been wearing them for about a year and a half. I have neuromas in both feet and need the extra wide toe box that the Men’s Brooks Addiction Walker has in the 4E (which is actually a 4E).”

Phardog from Tulsa adds: “Finally shoes that fit and don’t hurt my feet. They are well made and last 4 times longer than any others I’ve had. They’re still holding up and not showing excessive wear after one year. Great workmanship. I love ’em!”

The lowest review comes from J. from Fairhope Alabama. His review: ” I bought the shoes because I have a narrow foot. The shoes fit well and look good, but they hurt my left foot about three inches back from the end of my foot. I tossed out the cheap insole that came with the shoe thinking that a decent insole might help. One insole did not eliminate the problem so I put in a second insole which worked ok for a while but after a week of walking two miles a day the foot started hurting again. “”I gave up on the shoes and went back to my old standby: cheap walking shoes with velcro straps. I buy them a couple sizes small so the width is about right, cut out the toes, and put crew socks under the tongue so the straps have more area to adhere. Within a week walking in my cheap shoes the foot pain disappeared. I have relegated the Brooks Addiction Walkers to “dress up” occasions where little walking is required. They are not worth the money.”

For the women’s reviews we have 25 reviews: 22 five star, 2 four star and 1 two star.

Here is the women’s sampling:

Jeanne from Newport, Oregon says: “My picky podiatrist introduced me to Brooks Addiction Walking shoes–and he was right! I’ve had both ankles replaced because of a birth defect that caused overpronation and flat feet. While the surgery replaced the severely damaged joints, it did not repair the cause of the problem, so I still have flat feet and ankles that turn inward (pronate). So good supportive shoes are essential and these have great support and are the most comfortable walking shoes I’ve ever had. Definitely not a fashion statement, but who care if your feet don’t hurt and you can walk comfortably. I’m so glad I found out about Brooks!”

Patchy says: “A person in the orthotics field recommended the shoe. Previously wore SAS walkers, but the cost has become prohibitive. The Brooks Addiction Walker soles are thicker and the shoe heavier, yet the support is better. Flexibility is similar. The wide EE fit is excellent. It’s a sturdy shoe with venting and takes a week or so to break in. Initially, I wondered if it was too heavy, but the adjustment was easy. While I wish the heel was a little narrower, no modifications/additions needed to be made. Would appreciate if an extra pair of laces were included. Very pleased.”

The one 2 Star Jan says:”I purchased a mesh pair at a local shoe store. I loved them so I bought the leather ones online. They are a little tight across my foot and I don’t wear them like I had hoped to. I have worn the mest much much more. They are good for over pronating, but not as good a fit.”

The Brooks Addiction Walker offers a great option for men and women looking for walking comfort and durability.  The V strap option offers the additional benefit for those who have difficulties with shoe ties.

So take a look and get yourself a pair.

Enjoy your walking.















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