Benefits of Walking – Short Stride and Confident Stride

by on September 7, 2011  •  In Benefits of Walking
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Benefits of Walking – Short Stride and Confident Stride

Walking and Your Health

Short Stride

The Knees

A short stride can be a sign of knee or hip degeneration.

Why, well when the heel of your foot hits the ground in the beginning of your stride, your knee should be straight.

If for any reason it is not straight then there could be a problem with your range of motion that is preventing the knee joint to move properly within the kneecap.

It could be a sport injury or just aging but you should have it checked out by a specialist and if need be, get some manual or physical therapy to stretch out the tightness and improve the range of motion.

The Hips

A similar situation can exist with a short stride and a lack of motion in the hips. With a limited range of motion in the hips, you compensate by putting more stress on the back. As you age, the back is more of an issue with having room between the joints and nerves. With limited hip extension the back can take on more stress than it should and you can end up with back pain and drop foot problems.

Confident Stride

Sexual Confidence

A confident stride could be a good sign for women. In a 2008 study in Scotland, the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that a woman’s walk can reveal her ability to have orgasms. Orgasms help build muscles that are flexible and open or unlocked and the walking motion uses the some of same muscle groups. A fluid and energetic motion is a sign that could correlate to greater sexual satisfaction. In this study they compared data of the gaits of women known to be orgasmic with those of women who were not.

So a confident fluid gait can be a sign of greater sexual satisfaction and great quality of life.

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